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What is the maximum number you would be happy with? 8, 9, 10? You have a choice. Our classes consist of about 8 to 12 students, so we ensure efficient English language acquisition and healthy teacher-student relationships.

Studying outside the classroom is as important as studying in the classroom. And that's why our school provides students with this opportunity. Thus, it is equipped with a library, which includes English books covering all levels, ages and interests.

Students are expected to pay for their books, which are pre-ordered and provided to students by our school in a timely manner and of course in excellent condition. In case of damage, or loss of books, the institute bears no responsibility, other than to replace the books, at an additional monetary cost to the students.

For large families (families with 3 or more children), the third child attends our school free of charge, the fourth child with half tuition and the rest of the children with normal tuition.

Of course you are only allowed to register for exhibition courses. The monthly fee for these courses is €34 for all levels (from A'senior/Preliminary & above). Of course, if these courses are combined with the other teaching hours, then we can guarantee better results in our students' final exams.

Our school has taken care of convenience for both students and parents by providing a reception and waiting area where students can wait before or after their lesson to be picked up by their parents, so there is no worry about their safety. On the other hand, our school has no responsibility if a student leaves the classroom, or the waiting area, unless they are in the middle of their lesson.

Such a service is not yet provided, but may be available in the future, depending on demand. On the other hand, transporting students will not be much of a problem for you parents, due to the convenient, central location of our School (See Question number 8 below).

When choosing a school for you or your children, a convenient location is indeed necessary. Our school is located in the centre of Paphos. Our address is: 8 Psaron Street, P.O. 8021 Paphos. See our location here.

This is of course acceptable, provided that there are available places in a class (which is why enrolment is quite early each year, during the months of May-June). However, parents should bear in mind that missing the initial classes can make it difficult for students.

Courses start at the beginning of September and are finished at the end of June (after the exams). This does not apply to English-speaking students who learn Greek in July and August, students taking additional support courses and adults (especially IELTS level students).

Parents are kept informed of their children's progress by our school, providing them with individual progress reports three times a year (there are three quarters). In addition, the child's teacher keeps in touch with all parents by telephone, or by personal contact as often as possible. It is strongly recommended that parents seek regular contact with the teacher themselves. Remember! You have one teacher to contact, while the teacher will have to contact all parents of her students.

Our tutoring is not limited to the classical use of the whiteboard and books in the classroom. Teaching methods include the use of flashcards, CDroms, readers from our library, CDs & cassettes, computers, as well as television and video, through which students are taught appropriately, and most importantly, enjoyably. Please bear in mind! Songs, Painting and Games done at some of the levels are not a waste of time. Everything done in the classroom always has an educational purpose.

This is not necessarily the case unless it is judged that the student has significant weaknesses/gaps, which may make it even more difficult for them to progress if they move to a higher level class. And this is decided by both the parents and the student's teacher.

The final exams are not mandatory, but are definitely recommended at all levels, as they are an invaluable experience and of course a reward that is enjoyed by all, parents, teacher and especially the students themselves. What other motivation does your child need then, to keep going?

After our students' papers are sent to the British Council (for FCE, IGCSE, GCE & IELTS levels), as in England (for Anglia exams), they are corrected and marked by English examiners and then the results are sent to us by fax or by post.

As our school is an official centre for YLE, KET, PET, FCE + IELTS examinations, these examinations are held on our premises, in specially designed rooms.

Our school prepares students exclusively for Cambridge exams at all levels, from Starters level to IGCSE and IELTS.

In this case, the student's teacher may provide the student, in addition to his/her regular classes, with extra support classes once a week, usually on Saturday afternoons, until it is judged that the student has filled any gaps he/she may have had and can comfortably keep up with the other students in his/her class. Results are guaranteed, assuming the student is cooperative. The student is charged €17 (instead of €20.50 which is the normal charge) for each extra private lesson.

For students of our school, yes, it is mandatory for them to take the essay course, since this way we can guarantee better results in the exams and less deficiencies in their knowledge of English.

You can only register for BELTS courses, but if you register for the other core courses, you will not be charged anything extra. The monthly fee for these courses is €20.50 for all levels (from Starters/Pre-Junior 2 & above).

No further discounts are given for any reason. Please note, however, that every year a "scholarship" (free of charge for the next year of study) is given to the best student of the year.

Clearly, the teacher in charge cannot teach all students every year. But you should bear in mind that our school employs other young, competent and qualified teachers, who are characterised by a real interest and love for our students.

There are many reasons why this should not be a problem for you:

a. The schedule and the weekly syllabus, as well as the teaching methods, are determined by the teacher in charge of our tutorial, so that we get the same excellent results we have had so far.

b. Any tutor who is employed is subject to training by the teacher in charge beforehand, so that she is also sure that our task will be carried out properly.

c. This is convenient for parents who bring more than 1-2 children to our tutoring center, as they can finish their lessons at the same time and not be inconvenienced with the transportation.

d. In case the teacher in charge cannot take your child, keep in mind that we guarantee that next year, we will take care of it.

e. The teachers employed have studied at universities in England and have a good command of the language. They also all have experience in teaching English.

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