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(reading) with their CD (the blue sky)

It helps them learn pronunciation. Gradually they won’t need their parents’ help. This also helps parents who don’t know any English. They should not write the pronunciation of the words in Greek letters under the words. They should encourage their children, as we do, to recognize the first letters and try to associate each letter with the next or subsequent letters. No parroting – so we stress showing us what they are reading in class and not accidentally moving the finger.

Spelling (writing)

When they have Spelling (writing), this means that they will also be tested in class by writing in their spelling book (Writing books must be signed by one of the parents and the spelling book must also be signed, so that parents can see their child’s progress or vice versa) – put their initials or signature after each writing & spelling, and on tests, so that the teacher knows they know if they are doing well or not.


  • We always give the children their work on a sheet of paper. Parents should also check it, just to see if the children have done it or to guide or help them to do it.
  • When a student misses one or more classes, they should always call and tell the reason for the absence and ask for the homework, otherwise they will not know what they will do in the next class. Of course, we would prefer that they not miss any classes, because they won’t have learned the new stuff/materials.
  • All students should have 2 notebooks divided into homework, spelling, dictation & vocabulary, as well as a folder and pencil case with everything they need. Unfortunately not everyone has these.

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